29 March 2014


Um..... it's about ruddy time I kicked off this blog. I started 2014 with the intention of blogging from January and obviously it's now almost April. Oops. BUT it's never too late... so welcome to Actually, I Do! A crafty adventure into my love of typography and making things. With this blog I shall endeavour to share my makes and other creative musings, plus a bit of general waffling every now and again.

Without further ado, let's get started with the makes...

I'm a member of the Brighton Etsy Team, though my Etsy shop is not quite up and running yet due to the necessity of me actually making things to sell! Watch this space on all fronts. The team do some amazing work with Etsy and the Brighton craft community, including this month's Craftivism events.

What's Craftivism?
Using the amazing power of craft to do good, raising money for charities and awareness of causes.

Throughout April the Brighton Etsy team are raffling off a host of LOVELY STUFF from team makers, with all proceeds going to local Brighton charity Carousel. Today saw 14 team members live crafting in the window of Brighton's Super+Super, with all the creations to be included in the raffle. I really wanted to get involved so spent last night creating a couple of typography hoops to add to the amazing haul of goodies, and popped down to the event today to pick up some raffle tickets for myself!

Here's a few snaps...