5 May 2015


Biscuit font via Present & Correct \\ DOUBLE YUMMERS
Image via presentandcorrect.com

I'm kind of mad with myself. Despite having a pretty relaxed long weekend for the bank holiday a.k.a LOADS of time to plan this week's Type Tuesday post, I may* have left things very last minute. Where does all this time go?! I took a wander around Brighton's North Laines at lunchtime today for a dose of type inspiration and actually came across the perfect thing, why did I not think of this earlier??? Not to be too cryptic, but in order to do it justice instead of a rushed post this evening, I decided to use that as next week's instalment, and so have just gone quickly back to the drawing board. 

Cue some shameful cheating and asking Pinterest to do my work for me. A quick 'type' search obviously brought up hundreds of pins, BUT how could I not pick this too-awesome-for-words-but-I'll-try-anyway BISCUIT FONT via my favourite stationery store Present & Correct?

YES. IT'S A FONT MADE FROM BISCUITS. Um, I don't think any other font will EVER come close to this. Oh and it's not just any old biscuits but possibly the best collection of biscuits there could be. Pink wafers, chocolate fingers, jammy dodgers, bourbons, custard creams, nice biscuits and party rings. All ingeniously crafted into an inventive and quirky geometric font. I may as well give up trying to top Type Tuesday right now.

I'm making a solemn promise right here and now to be more organised next week and I hope you'll stay tuned for that. In the mean time, take another little look at the font because it might just be the greatest thing I've ever seen. And maybe make a cup of tea and sneak in your own biscuit-y tribute or two.

*completely dropped the ball :(