2 January 2015


Getting Organised

Happy 2015!!! Here's hoping everyone had a splendid New Year celebration.
This year I am super determined to get organised with all things Actually, I Do! I'm also pretty sure that I've been making that same resolution for some time but it's never quite happened. Something feels different to me this year however... it might be because 2015 looks set to be quite a big year for me (turning 30 just one of the things on my agenda!) Whatever the 'feeling' I have turns out to be I'm getting it out there that I'll be putting lots of effort into truly getting my little crafty endeavour off the ground. The first two things I'll be concentrating on is getting stock in my Etsy shop and regular posts on the blog!

It is my firm belief that the key to achieving my goals for this year is getting organised and what's more fun than doing that by shopping for new stationery! NOPE I'm NOT procrastinating already. I am NOT. This is just a simple and fun way of brightening up my desk space so I'm constantly inspired and motivated!

So here's my wishlist, which obviously includes a few typography-inspired goodies. Plus inspirational prints for my wall, plenty of notebooks and a bit of storage...

Clockwise from top left: Wire Basket, ferm LIVING / VÄLBEKANT Paper Clips, IKEA / VÄLBEKANT Clipboard, IKEA / SÄRSKILD Notes, IKEA / Coral Weekly Planner, M&S / Be Bold Print, Howkapow / Classic Brass Paper Clips, Present & Correct / Set of 3 Mini Notebooks, M&S / Be So Good They Can't Ignore You Print, LolaHoadDesign on Etsy / Alphabet Pencil Case, M&S / Pencil Notebook, M&S

For more typography prints to keep you motivated, check out my T Is For... Typography and W Is For... Words boards on Pinterest!


  1. YOU CAN DO IT! As your 2013 Etsy mentor (lol) I know you can fill your Etsy shop in 2015 AND keep your blog going. WOOP WOOP!

    Here's to an awesome year!

    Karli x

  2. Ahhh yay thanks Karli, I WILL DO IT! WOOP!! 2015 will be awesome, I know it and the blog thread has been really inspiring and motivating already. x

  3. Ooh, those things are shiny! And having a good work environment is so important! :)

    Best of luck with the year, and yay for turning 30! (It feels weird. Not bad, just weird. ;) )