26 April 2015


Back in February my favourite craft magazine Mollie Makes brought out their 50th issue, and with it a list of 50 crafty things to do before you're 50. I've been feeling a lot of pressure lately (from no one else but myself) about all the things I think I should be doing creatively, instead of actually telling myself to just forget about all of that and concentrate on simply having fun doing what I love.

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'create' banner by SummerBoyfriend on Etsy
There are quite a few things on my craft to-do-list that I've been wanting to try out... and in the spirit of simply having fun I've decided to get stuck in! In roughly six months I turn the big 3-0 and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make my own list of 30 crafty things to do before I'm 30.

Six months gives me just over one crafty thing to do per week, which should be easily achievable! I'll be popping back to this project once a month to update my progress and share my crafty endeavours with you. I've made the list quite varied with a mixture of smaller and bigger projects, plus things I can do at home and things I'll need to venture out for. It's also quite vague in some places to just allow myself to go with it!

I hope you'll enjoy following along. In no particular order...

\\ *shows an idea from the Mollie Makes list which I've also included in my own \\

Weave some wall art*

Have a good nose round designer-maker's studios* (so handy that we've got Artists' Open Houses happening in Brighton next month!)

Get subversive with embroidery*

Make a patchwork quilt*

Recover my old blanket box

Become a craftivist and get behind a crafty campaign* (I've already been following the Just A Card campaign but want to support it more over the next few months)

Make some typography/alphabet cushions

Get back into crochet

Go on a photo walk*

Host a craft and cocktails night*

Refashion a charity shop find* (I'm going to hunt out some frames to repaint/upcycle)

Work on/finish my stitch sampler

Sew something inspired by maps

Take my camera out of manual mode*

Learn how to make tassels and trim all the things!*

Re-learn to knit

Make more gold things!

Paint with watercolours

Make a motivational print* (I'm going to change this slightly into a wall hanging)

Write more letters* (my typewriter is calling)

Visit at least 3 craft fairs

Have a go at fabric dyeing* (my mum dyes her own fabric so I'll be taking advantage of her skills for this one!)

Finish making a neon pompom garland for the bedroom

Make a piece of jewellery

Do a project/tutorial from one of the MANY craft magazines I have stashed away

Make something inspired by constellations

Make handmade envelopes from my paper hoard

Make a tea cosy!

Practise hand lettering

And finally... blog about each project!

P.S. I've also been inspired by the lovely Kalee Bones who is in the midst of her #YearOfCraft, check it out here.


  1. This is such a great list. Looking forward to seeing you tackle each one in the lead up to your birthday :)

    1. Yay thank you so much guys! And for the inspiration x

  2. You are CRAZY! This looks amazing and I'm so behind you achieving this! Loving Kalee's blog too, you're both making me feel lazy!

    Good Luck!

    1. Haha I think I might have lost my mind! But you know I do like a challenge :) Kalee's blog is ace. You couldn't be lazy if you tried, you're the inspiration behind us all! x