19 April 2015


MM59 Final Cover
photo via Making magazine blog

I love magazines. LOVE them.
I'm mostly referring to the physical, paper version as, for me, you still can't beat the feel of the physical magazine in my hand and the special look and feel of each magazine's pages. (One day soon I shall write a post on how much I love paper. Magazine paper, book pages, notepads, I'm not ashamed to admit I'm slightly obsessed!)

That's not to say I'm adverse to the digital kind, I definitely see the benefits of digital magazines and the added features they bring, they're a brilliant way to give readers a different kind of experience. However when most of my waking hours are spent glued to a laptop, phone or iPad, I like to be able to go offline occasionally and reading physical magazines (and books) are one of the ways I put that into practice.

Most importantly, I find so much of my inspiration, creative and otherwise, from magazines. New craft projects, insightful and motivational articles, tips and advice, introductions to designers and makers, new things to read. You name it, I probably found it in a magazine. I can spend just as much time poring over the pictures and photo shoots as I do reading the features and love nothing better than taking a good few hours out to sit down with a hefty cup of tea and a stack of my favourite magazines.

So I was pretty excited when magazine.co.uk got in touch to ask if I'd be interested in becoming part of their blogger network for The Hub, their news and blog page. magazine.co.uk is the UK's leading magazine subscription site and has subscriptions available for pretty much all my favourite magazines (plus a whole host more!). As part of the blogger network I'll be writing some posts for The Hub on Making magazine, Living Etc and Digital Camera. Cue fun new craft projects to try out, interiors inspiration (from my favourite interiors mag) and getting to grips with photography, which will hopefully result in some lovely snazzy pics for the blog!

Take a look at my first blog post on Making magazine here!

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